ReUrbanistic Ecology

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REURBANISTIC ECOLOGY is a team of like-minded people who influence the planning and development of urban infrastructure at the highest level.

We design functionally balanced three-dimensional urban fabric. The design goal is environmental reorganization — the creation of a new super-comfortable 3D city that coexists in a harmonious symbiosis with the Earth’s biosphere in place of the old one, preserving its historical silhouette and appearance, with a multiple increase in comfortable urban spaces and with a reduction in the built-up area and expansion of the natural environment, with a negative ecological followed by zero daily loss of time for the transport of most citizens.

Ilyichev VyacheslavAleksandrovichBlinkin Mikhail Yakovlevich Nepomnyashchy Sergey Vitalievich
Moiseev Yuri Mikhailovich Kosorenkova Elena Shulgin Ilya
Boyko Valentin Vasilevich

Environmental Reorganization Projects

Watch the presentation of the 10 commandments and 4 laws of heliotecture.

We have developed and patented a combined solar and wind power plant.

Reurban Ecology

Today, we homo sapiens are already 7.7 billion, and this figure continues to grow steadily. Half of us live in cities, and the proportion of citizens is growing. Every week, the population of cities increases by one million people.

The cities themselves are growing, turning into colossal monster cities — megacities that devour forests and fields, poison oceans, change the landscape and climate. Megacities are the quintessence of everything human: good and evil, wealth and poverty, mutual assistance and crime, strength and powerlessness, genius and mediocrity, science and obscurantism, health and disease, altruism and money-grubbing, purity and vice and all other things. Megacities are irresistibly attractive by their freedom of choice and are dazzling in their repulsive beauty, like a dangerous and promising dream of endless possibilities.

The fight against the attraction of the metropolis is as productive as the fight against the law of gravity. The population of megacities will grow.

But this does not mean either allowing the city to continue to destroy the foundation of our existence — nature, or to limit the possibilities of our own development in megacities, and in harmony with nature.

REURBANISTIC ECOLOGY is a path to nature in which the city will become a natural and organic element, fundamentally different, much more compact, not claiming expansion, but, on the contrary, sharing its current place with nature and obeying in its development the same laws as itself nature, where the SUN dominates.

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